About the Bumblebee Traveller

Hello there, I am the Bumblebee Traveller. I am an Australian girl who has been travelling since November 2012.
Before I left home, I thought I would clock up visiting a lot of countries for the sole purpose of saying I have “been there”. But, I have learnt (the hard way) that “slow travel” and visiting places off the beaten track is my preferred way of travelling. Just as a bumblebee may not fly directly from one flower to the next to take the shortest possible route, but will fly from one flower to its next flower based on the attraction of the sweet nectar, irrespective of how far off it may be.
This blog is about finding the true beauty of hidden gems, unseen by most of the crowd, but witnessed and appreciated by few and far between.
It is also about meaningful experiences that can be done whilst travelling long-term.


“She followed slowly, taking a long time,

as though there were some obstacle in the way

and yet: as though, once it was overcome,

She would be beyond all walking, and would fly.”

– from Going Blind, Rainier Maria Rilke

translated by Stephen Mitchell, from A Time Traveler’s Wife, p. 498


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